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We are asked on occasion if we'll create a name for a business or product for free.  Really.  At namexpress.com, we pride ourselves as being the value leader in name and brand creation; our number one goal is to provide our clients with fresh, creative ideas at a fair price, but we can't do free.  With that having been said however, if you want to create a name for your company for free, there are some starting points to consider. 


First off, let's look at the type of names that are out there.  These broad categories apply to business names, company names, and product names. In the naming biz, there are the following types of names to consider (this list was taken from Wikipedia):


Acronym: A name made of initials such as UPS or IBM


Descriptive: Names that describe a product benefit or function like Whole Foods or Airbus


Alliteration and rhyme: Names that are fun to say and stick in the mind like Reese's Pieces or Dunkin' Donuts


Evocative: Names that evoke a relevant vivid image like Amazon or Crest


Neologisms: Completely made-up words like Wii or Kodak


Foreign word: Adoption of a word from another language like Volvo or Samsung


Founders' names: Using the names of real people like Hewlett-Packard or Disney


Geography: Many brands are named for regions and landmarks like Cisco and Fuji Film


Personification: Many brands take their names from myth like Nike or from the minds of ad execs like Betty Crocker


Looking at the list above is a good place to start when you set out to choose a name for your business.  Because coming up with a creative business name can be overwhelming, one exercise to try is to think of one name in each of the above categories for your business, that will at least get you started.


There are pitfalls to certain types of names which we've discussed in a prior article.  One of the big considerations if you're just starting out and are on a budget is domain or trademark availability.  Descriptive names and evocative names form the list above are particularly tough to find when it comes to .com domains.  Alliteration and rhyme names, what we refer to as 'fun and catchy' give you broad creative space and may be easier to find domain for, if they're appropriate for your business.


The one type of name that the Wikipedia article above does not mention, is the pure portmanteau name, or word combination, or word mash-up name.  We like word combinations is many cases because they can be a starting point to describe your business and they can help launch an effective tagline for your brand.


If you mark down each name category on a piece of paper, a scribble down an idea or two of each name style as you create names for your business, you'll have a good starting point on the way to creating your own business or company name for free. 


If you need some help, namexpress.com offers some low cost naming packages, or our NameBuilder software which can help with neologisms, portmanteaus, and acronyms. 


The other possibility is our super-inexpensive ZenNamer at ZenNamer.com.  ZenNamer is a nice starting tool for free business names because there is a free demo available that could provide a few ideas you can build upon.


Hopefully, by following the information above, you can get started creating a successful name for your product or business.  Good luck and have fun.

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